Pre Primary Field Trips

Field trip to the Museum
The Museum of Baroda, Sayajibaug is a collection of many different things like Antiques, structure of Indian temples, statues of Buddha, variety of shells & stones, birds & reptiles, dinosaurs etc. The main objective to visit the Museum was to make children of Preparatory aware of a place filled with variety of things, to increase their knowledge about different things by viewing it and not just by talking about it.


Field Trip to the Zoo
The students of Pre-Primary were taken to the Sayajirao Zoo. The trip was Pre poned as “VAN VIBAG SAPTAH” was being celebrated by the Zoo department.
The kids had a splendid time observing the animals. They also were taken to the birds section to see. It was a exciting educational trip rendering the Pre-Primary kids information about animals and birds.


Field Trip to Airport

It was a pleasant morning on December 5, 2006 when children of Pre-Primary Section visited the Airport. Children saw a plane landing and also taking off from the window. It was a wonderful experience for students to observe many gliders at the hanger. Children had an opportunity to see as to how the luggage is being taken from the ground to the plane and several other technical aspects of the plane. The fieldtrip to the airport was really enlightening for the children as planes.


Field Trip to the Poultry Farm
The fieldtrip to Poultry farm was held on 4th March 2007. A prior permission was taken for the Preparatory class to visit the farm to see the cocks and hens. The children were excited to see the yellow and brown chicks in a tray. They also had an experience of touching them and holding them in their hands. The children had lot of questions regarding the food given to the cocks, the hens and the chicks. All those questions were satisfied by the officials on duty in the farm. The children's excitement was depicted better through the memory drawing that they did in their drawing books after coming back to school.

Primary Field Trips

Field Trip to the Supermarket

It has been well said. “TIME IS MONEY”. Today people are always trying to find out ways to save time .What a pleasure it is if we get all the household things under one roof This is why SUPERMARKETS are developing these days. The field trip to KALAPTARU SUPER MARKET was organized on December, 6 2006 for the students of Primary section. There were three different floors in this store. Children came to know how they can buy the consumer items and where they can pay the bill in the store. The trip was very informative and educational for the children.

EME Temple
The students were taken for a field trip to the EME temple. The motive of the field trip was to make the children aware of the neighbourhoods. The students were briefed about the temple. The students took a round of the temple, and they were explained that the temple inculcates elements from five different religions, which is a unique feature in itself. The diverse culture of our nation is reflected in this temple.

Field Trip to the Post Office
A field trip to the Post Office was arranged for the students of the Primary section on September 26, 2006.The students visited the Fatehgunj Post Office. For many of the students it was their first visit to the post office. The students were taught how the postman delivers the letters to our doorsteps and how they receive the mail. They were also instructed about how the mails are sorted and put in different boxes and also how to address the envelopes, including how and where to put the return address. They were explained about the timings and days when the post office is open and closed. They had a friendly conversation with the Head Post Master and the Postman.


Pre Primary Day Celebrations

Red Day
The Red day was celebrated by Preparatory students. The objective of Red day was to help children understand the colour concept.

Yellow Day
All Children of Pre-Primary section were dressed in yellow colour attire. Children like making mango by crayoning, making sunflower by pasting cut-outs of yellow kite paper and making sun by sponge printing. The children also made yellow chains by pasting yellow stripes together.
Through this celebration the concept of yellow colour was thus emphasized.

Orange Day
Different activities like finger printing, pasting of crepe paper pieces on woollen clothes, marigold, star fish and sea horse took place before the celebration.
Children wore orange coloured outfits for the celebration and made hand puppets of papaya, orange, carrot and pumpkin as take home gifts. Orange coloured things were displayed to make celebration interesting.


Green Day
Various objects such as toys, artificial vegetables, beads, purses and even plants (green colour) were displayed in the activity room. One was cautious that various shades of green were displayed, such as light green, dark green, bottle green and florescent green. Children were asked to wear clothes of the colour green; this created a greenish ethos. Children carried out various activities such as pasting green colour leaves on a tree, finger printing with the colour green on a drawn frog, crocodile and parrot. Through these activities children gained a first hand experience of working with colour green. Children got an opportunity to visit the activity room and closely observed the displayed items. Questions were asked to children as to what objects and thing in the environment are of green colour? And, many such questions were asked.
As pots of plants were displayed were also displayed a valuable lesson was passed to children that tree and plants are very important for us to survive, so hence more tree and plants need to be planted to keep us and colour green alive. Children made small trees, out of paper cut-outs as a take home gift, with a written message “ Save Trees ”.


Pink Day was celebrated to integrate the concept of the colour pink amongst the students. The students and teachers of Pre-primary were all dressed in pink coloured clothes. The students carried out various activities during the week using the colour pink. The students of Pre-Nursery made pop-up pigs to take home. They had amusing time with paint brush painting flamingos and roses with their friends. The students of Nursery pasted pink crepe paper to make fishes, they also coloured lotus with crayons to take home. The preparatory students coloured roses to take home. They had fun pasting paper shreds to make a butterfly. They children were also shown various things that relate to the colour.


School Programmes


'HINDI WEEK' was celebrated in our school from 14th September 2007 to 21st September 2007. Various programmes related to our National language were organised in which the children participated with great enthusiasm.

following competitions were conducted during this week :

1. Hindi Handwriting Competition
2. Hindi Poem Recitation Competition
3. Hindi Story Telling Competition
4. Hindi Elocution Competition
5. Hindi Movie was shown to children - " My Friend Ganesha"

Hard work put in by all the students and teachers, this week was a great success.

Traffic Awareness Program

Assistant Sub Inspector (Traffic) Mr. Rahim Shaikh conducted the session and offered his valuable thoughts regarding the awareness of traffic rules in students.
The students actively participated in the programme by answering the questions put forward by the officer.
The students were made to understand the importance of traffic rules and were explained the reasons to follow them.
The officer also suggested ways to avoid accidents on the road. He also recommended some do’s and don’ts about traffic rules while travelling in buses or other vehicles.
He also presented a memento to the Delhi Public School Management on behalf of Vadodara Traffic Police as a token of appreciation for giving them an opportunity to generate traffic awareness amongst students.

Health Check Up
The health check up for all the students of Pre-Primary and Primary was arranged during the school hours on November 2-3,2006
On 2nd November, dental check up was done by Dr. Ashish Doshi. The doctor examined oral cavity and teeth of students and gave his remarks. On November3, 2006.General examination and system examination was conducted by Dr. Tushar Shah, who is a famous Consultant Paediatrician and by Dr. Anand Naregal, who is a well-known Consultant Paediatric Surgeon. The doctors examined and gave their remarks about the health of each student

The Pet Show
A pet show was organized on December 4 2006, with a mission to sensitise children towards animals both pets and wild. The volunteers of a Non-Governmental Organisation working against cruelty to animals were called in as resource persons. The resource personnel, brought in snakes of two different species, kittens, a dove, dogs and also tortoise were brought in by one of the member of the school administration. Children of both the Primary and the Pre-Primary got an opportunity to augment information about theses valuable members of the nature. Information was given on the habitat and nature of the animals, and how to look after them. Children learned a valuable lesson that we should respect and take care of the animals, as we have to co-exist with them, and without these creatures the planet earth would be an empty space. The children enjoyed seeing and touching the animals.

Science Exhibition
The young kids of classes I, II and III put up a Science exhibition under the accomplished guidance of their teachers. Being a very difficult task to conduct a Science Exhibition with these tiny tots, teachers with their admirable knowledge and tact made this exhibition look so easy and effortless . All the students demonstrated great keenness while performing the experiments and showed a lot of interest. The task done by students as well as teachers was appreciated by the Parents who came to have the view of the exhibition.

Fancy Dress (Community helpers)

The Community Helpers are those who help us & serve the society. To make the children aware about all community helpers, their tools, their work properly a set up of Community Helpers was made in the school .The children of Pre-Primary visited that mock set up & got a very clear idea regarding different Helpers.



Independence Day Celebration

It was a grand occasion as the kids of DPS HARNI, celebrated the 60 Years of Independence Day of India with vigor and allegiance. The national Flag was hoisted with all respect and dignity. The totlot of the building echoed with cheerful voices of the little one. It was a pleasing site to observe all children including our tiny-tots singing the patriotic song together.




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